Bibliodrama in adult education

Vom 19. bis 21. Mai fand in Cracow ein Grundvig- Seminar zu Bibliodrama statt. Dieses von der EU unterstützte Seminar zeigte die Möglichkeiten mit Bibliodrama und seinen damit verbundenen Techniken, Traditionen, Glauben, Kulturen, Humanismus, zu einem interkulturellen Verstehen verschiedener Denkweisen beizutragen.


A conference and a life experience...


The BASICS project has been developing an approach to understanding diversification and familiarity in beliefs and faiths.


This approach, a curriculum based on the experiential learning tool called Bibliodrama, is now ready to be introduced to the world, and there is no better host than the beautiful and ancient city of Cracow. 

With its rich history of dynasties, religions, communities and politics, few places so perfectly encompass the ideals of the project, and from the 19th to the 21st of May, 2013, you will be able to experience the BASICS project in the rich tradition of the city.


Attendees will:

- acquire key skills in intercultural competences

- acquire relevant skills in interpersonal and intercultural communication for adults

- discover artistic and creative methods which facilitate the development of tolerance and understanding

- acquire resources helpful for generating ideas by a group or individual


The conference will include workshops, debates and presentations from experts in bibliodrama, and the developers of the BASICS methodologies.

This combination of approaches is designed to create an experiential learning environment, in which layers of abstraction are removed to present you with the most raw and uncoloured presentation possible.

You will see a plethora of examples of how these methodologies have been implemented, and by watching the natural development of individual classes and scenarios, you will also have the opportunity to envisage their own special use cases.


As an important part of the educational experience, the conference will also involve a brief evaluation session, addressing both the learning outcomes as well as the overall quality of presentation.



Bielskie Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne „Teatr Grodzki”

ul. Sempołowskiej 13

43-300 Bielsko-Biała




If you work in any field of adult learning, you may be eligible to receive a grant from your national Grundtvig agency to attend the conference.  The grants are designed to cover all costs of attending, including travel, accommodation, meals, and the conference fee.


Find your national agency's contact information here:


Ask for information regarding grants for attending a 3-day Grundtvig Conference.  This programme will be called Grundtvig Visits and Exchanges.  You should be sent the eligibility criteria and an application form (or told where to download them) which you will need to fill out and return to your National Agency by the deadline the agency gives you.  In most cases, this deadline will be Jan. 16th.


Find the course in the training database at this address:


The course ID is:  PL-2013-112-001


If your application is successful, you should receive confirmation from your national agency within a few weeks.